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Achieve Inner Peace and Enhance your Health with a Mala Necklace!

mala necklace meditation mantra mala beads

Meditation and prayer are becoming more and more popular these days and this is not a surprise. Modern people have hectic and busy lives and they need something that can make them find inner peace and harmony and ultimately enhance their overall health. This is where a Mala necklace comes into the picture.

In case you didn’t know, Mala beads represent a set of beads that are used for meditation and prayer since ancient times. To be more precise, mala beads contain 108 beads. There is one big bead that is known as the summit or guru bead. For many people who have experience in the field of yoga and meditation, mala is a simple, yet effective tool to focus on a meditation practice.

Mala beads are made from a wide range of materials like wood, gemstones and crystals. In other words, almost any natural material can be used in a necklace like this. Meditation is a simple process, but in order to feel the benefits of meditation (finding harmony and balance, inner peace, releasing the hormones of happiness etc.) you will need a certain level of concentration. Sometimes people feel that their energy levels are very low so there is a chance that some of them may fall asleep. On the other hand, if they are too energetic they won’t be able to focus their thoughts on meditation. In any case, a mala necklace can help and serve as an anchor for better meditation.

When people use mala beads, they usually hold the necklace in their right hand and rotate the beads in one direction. Many of them have special mantras that can help them relax and enjoy the time spent on meditation. What is interesting is that there is no exact number of prayers/invocations/mantras you should perform. The basic goal is to find peace. Of course, by setting a certain number of mantras, you will feel that you have reached your goal once you are finished and you will feel much better. Counting mala beads and saying certain words over and over again (silently) will bring inner peace. This is a nice way to shut down your mind and get connected with yourself.

According to some experts, when people are counting mala beads regularly in a period of few months, they will most likely develop a cheerful attitude. So, all the stress, anxiety and tension you felt inside will be eliminated and you will no longer feel the pressure. On the other hand, when these things are not present, we are able to see things from a completely different perspective. The absence of the feeling of being trapped which is common in modern people will help you see things under a different light and allow changes that come from the inside. In other words, mala necklaces and counting mala beads can help you get the most from every meditation session.

The use of mala necklaces is a simple way to refresh your mind and find inner peace in this hectic world. In addition, these necklaces can be used as a timeless fashion accessory.


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