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About Us

Once upon a time, in a world filled with bustling cities and endless distractions, there was a girl named Anna who had spent almost a decade navigating the rigid corridors of the corporate world. Armed with a degree in accounting, she diligently crunched numbers and adhered to the structured routine that came with her chosen profession. However, deep within, she felt a yearning for something more – a connection to her true self, a purpose beyond balance sheets and reports.

One day, as the monotony of her corporate life echoed in her ears, she decided it was time for a change. Shedding the corporate attire that had become a second skin, she embraced her creative spirit and delved into the world of gemstones, meditation, and the art of crafting malas. The transition from number crunching to stringing together beads became her personal odyssey – a transformation that mirrored the journey she envisioned for others.

And so, the VIBE JEWELRY brand was born, with a mission to knot together the timeless beauty of gemstones, the power of intention, and the artistry of craftsmanship. I became a storyteller, crafting each mala necklace with a narrative that resonates with the seekers, dreamers, and believers in us all.

The gemstones are hand-selected from around the world, chosen not only for their breathtaking beauty but for the energy they hold within. Every stone carries a unique vibration, representing qualities such as love, courage, abundance, and healing. I believe that when these gemstones are thoughtfully strung together, they create a symphony of intention that guides us on our personal journeys.

I knot each bead with precision and care. With each knot tied, I infuses the necklace with love and dedication, ensuring that every mala is not just a piece of jewelry, but a tangible expression of the human spirit.

So, whether you're seeking clarity in your daily life, strength during challenging times, or simply a reminder to slow down and breathe, Vibe Jewelry Mala necklaces are here to accompany you on your journey. Each time you wear these creations, you become part of the narrative, a living embodiment of the harmony we strive to bring to the world.

Embrace the journey. Embrace the beauty. Embrace the power of VIBE JEWELRY MALAS.

Follow Anna on:
Instagram @Vibe.Jewelry